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Real Estate Services

Services for Sale / Rent of properties for private, commercial etc .

We describe our guidelines and tools below:

  • Buying or selling a property requires professionalism , as there are legal , bureaucratic and logistical reasons that require the advice of a professional.
  •  Tell us your interests and really represent you 100%.
  •  We evaluate your requirements, selected quotations , we show the properties.
  • Objectively represent you in negotiations , providing the right information and the submission of all documents and contracts.
  • We handle deposits , bonds , legal requirements and that the closing process is fast and secure.
  • We have solid experience and a deep understanding of supply and demand in the market.
  • You establish a strategy to optimize price sale or purchase of your home. We help you to make an optimal assessment of the property to sell or buy .
  • We help you get the property or the right buyer.
  • We have a wide portfolio of clients that buyers may care about your product. Also if you are buyer will help you to choose the best one according to your needs .
  • We have the best marketing tools (traditional and online ) to meet all your needs. We got where we want to get the message .
  • Our qualified staff of various nationalities .

Management services , advice , procedures in areas such as :

  • Mortgages of property value
  • Assist in the registration of property acquired
  • Rental of residential , tourist and business properties
  • Monitoring of projects under construction / home improvement (contracts with builders / contractors , design studio and furniture stores )
  • Insurance Policy
  • Assistance in opening bank accounts.
  • Assistance in choosing administrator. Maintenance , repair specialists etc .

Advisory services and procedures for foreign buyers.